We re-open 12 April and are fully operational 7 days per week.

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Social Distancing

The White Room Fitness Studio has put in place strict protocols to ensure that social distancing is observed.

From the moment you arrive to the time you depart, a planned “flow” of movement and space is allocated to each client so that your one-to-one sessions can be enjoyed safely.  


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Social Distancing for everyone's safety

Our spacious Fitness Studio has three separate training areas, two upstairs and one downstairs. Within each area every client will train one-to-one with their White Room Personal Trainer without encroachment from anyone else.

White Room Trainers will have planned your session with the equipment and weights appropriate to your programme in your area. Also they will ensure that proper social distancing is observed between you the client and them the Trainer whilst you are exercising.

In order to ensure that proper distance is maintained amongst everyone inside our Studio, clients will be asked to use a specific entrance and exit in accordance with their booked appointment. This does mean that the start and finish of each session does have to be adhered to, and shower rooms have to be vacated within a certain period to allow for cleaning between use.

This managed “flow” of sessions will mean that both Trainers and clients can be confident of their safety at our Fitness Studio.