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Countdown- Part 1: our new training areas allow social distancing

Thursday 11 June: We will re-open soon

Every client will be allocated a separate area in which to workout with their White Room Fitness personal trainer.

Today have a look at Area 1 -
On our upper level and screened off from Area 2. It includes the equipment highlighted below.

Technogym running machine. Either to be used as a warm up, or increasing to short distances or some hard core intensity interval training or “hills” stamina and strength training.

Technogym rowing machine: Perhaps the most efficient form of cardio for both endurance or intense cardio with short bursts. Build strength in arms, core and legs at the same time.

Watt Bike: Famously used by the Olympic Bike team for training. Improve your power, speed, fitness and technique to ensure that you are getting the best out of your own physiology. Allows you to exercise at exactly the right intensity for maximum improvement.

Strength and Functional Movement
Technogym Cable: Highly flexible and able to tone muscle in all parts of the body.

Technogym Kinesis: Don’t be fooled by its sleek, shiny look - this machine can pack as big a punch. An endless variety of toning exercises available that can be sensitively controlled with small adjustments to pinpoint your capabilities and improve them.

Free space: Kettlebells, free weights, bands or just lie down and have a good stretch.

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