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If you want to learn to run, improve your running, or race better, we will personally tailor your training to fit your goals.

Some love it and some loath it. Clearly we love it, but we fully understand how lots of people think it's not for them and really don't try it for many personal reasons - that's where we come in.

Run faster, run better

If you are a runner and love to run but need some help to get you running better, faster, more efficiently, or perhaps to take on an event like a 10k or a marathon – talk to us.

Running is such a good way to lose weight and stay lean as well as having many great health benefits. What we teach is how to run properly, to avoid injury and stresses, and to achieve your running goals.

Training for a 5k, 10k, Half or Full Marathon

Our training programmes are kept simple but effective, so you achieve your goals with intelligent, effective training methods focusing on quality not quantity - so no wasted junk miles, and no injuries. You need to pay attention to all parts of your body by increasing flexibility and strength in key areas. If you are new to running, then we strongly advise you to start with the 5k programme. If you have been running for a year or more, then subject to assessment, you should be able to start on the 10k or half marathon programme, and from there onto possibly the full marathon.

We aim to get you across the line on the least mileage possible. We aren’t lazy - just firm believers in quality training rather than quantity.

Bio mechanical running postural analysis

By inspecting your running technique and style, minor changes can be made to make your running more efficient and easier for your body, whilst improving running times.

Base training and treadmill training

We build a solid foundation with intelligent training, and base training is an essential part of building a rock solid structure, which in turn leads to better quality runs without risking injury.

Heart rate training and speed work

Wearing heart rate monitors, our trainers can adjust working levels to ensure you hit your desired heart rate level. Speed work can also be introduced to increase workout quality and to use different energy systems – this makes the steady runs easier in the long run, and achieving personal bests more likely.

Hill training and core work

Adding hill work to your programme can have huge benefits to your lung capacity and leg strength; it raises your heart rate without sprinting, and adding the incline on the treadmill has enormous benefits for strengthening your leg muscles.

Strength and conditioning plus flexibility

Using intelligent resistance training, we condition the body and muscles to be stronger and to gain flexibility through using a full range of movement and specific stretches tailored to your needs and to target any areas of particular stiffness.

Injury prevention and equipment advice

By strengthening key areas, or known areas of weakness our trainers use exercises to keep injuries away and make sure you don’t miss any training sessions due to injuries.

Pre-race preparation and recovery

At the White Room Fitness we encourage clients to test themselves at race events and often train clients to beat their personal bests. Whether it is a 5k, 10k or marathon, you can be assured our trainers will help you prepare and recover from the event as best as we can.


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