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In shape at 70

Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, regardless of age. Indeed the older we get the more important it becomes. We have clients who after decades of inactivity re-boot their lifestyle with regular fitness sessions and feel dramatic improvements, so that day to day living becomes a pleasure not a challenge.

At White Room Fitness, 70 is the new 50.

Improve your quality of life

There are four categories that are vital for seniors to include in their routine.

  1. Endurance. This includes activities which increase your heart and circulatory functions - like running, walking, rowing, dancing or swimming.

  2. Strength. This can be lost in the ageing process, but can be gradually recovered with properly controlled exercises that increase muscle, tissue and bones by training with resistance machines or free weights.

  3. Flexibility. As you get older your muscles reduce in size, and your joints and bones become weaker. It is only by focusing on regular stretching and body co-ordination that you can retain your range of movement.

  4. Balance. This is often overlooked but is a key factor in preventing injury from stumbles or falls. Special training methods can be introduced to ensure that balance is restored.

Regular exercise will improve your quality of life and most importantly help in the reduction of the risk factors associated with illnesses such as Heart disease, Diabetes and Osteoporosis.

Exercise will also improve health status and contribute to an increase in lifespan. As well as living longer you will feel more vigorous, energetic and confident, and be better placed to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Initial assessment of fitness levels

The initial assessment of fitness levels will give our trainers an idea of where the client is currently at and what progress we can make together.

Identification of goals

Talking through what you want to achieve from training at White Room Fitness a series of small, sensible, and achievable goals will be devised. Once reached, new goals can be set.

Posture and flexibility enhancements

Using the devised core training and stretching exercises, posture and flexibility will be dramatically improved, making everyday activities easier and making those aches and pains a thing of the past.

Core strength exercises

Strengthening the 'core muscles' of the abdominals, glutes and lower back muscles is one of the best ways to rehabilitate injures and keep them away. In later life the lower back becomes a problem area, keeping the core strong will mean that won’t become a problem.

Jog, walk and run routines

If jogging, walking or running is a hobby or something you would like to achieve but have never been fit enough to do, White Room Fitness can help. We can plan a programme that will have you reaching your target in a safe way.

Upper and lower body work

Working both upper and lower body by gradual introduction of free weights and resistance machines, a perfectly balanced programme is achieved whilst meeting your targets.

Body sculpting

Focusing on the whole body, sculpting and firming is essential for training over 70's. A firm body with the health benefits of fighting off osteoporosis will mean you look better, but will also provide your body with potentially life-saving training.

Dietary advice

After consulting with a White Room personal trainer, a sensible, achievable eating plan will be devised just for you that will give you extra energy and provide you with the platform to achieve your goals.

Weight loss

If weight loss is your goal, then White Room can help you achieve it. By integrating intelligent training whilst educating on the weight benefits of good nutrition, weight loss struggles can be a thing of the past.

Special stretching techniques

As we get older, it is only natural that the muscles become stiffer. White Room trainers understand the need to adapt stretching techniques to work the muscles in a different way and increase your flexibility whilst easing muscle tension in the body.

Strength and conditioning plus flexibility

Using intelligent resistance training, we condition the body and muscles to be stronger and to gain flexibility through using a full range of movement and specific stretches tailored to your needs and to target any areas of particular stiffness.


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