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Would you decide one day to stop brushing your teeth?

I hope the answer is no, because you aware of the implications this would have on your teeth and health. You do not do it because you enjoy it but simply because you must! So why should we not think the same about joint health? This is where Functional Range Conditioning comes in.

Functional Range Conditioning, also know as FRC, is a newly devised mobility system created by human movement expert Dr Andreo Spina, which helps to improve mobility, joint health and improved movement awareness. Its popularity has grown unbelievably quickly and it is increasingly becoming the top method to improve problems with mobility and joint function.


Long Term Benefits

FRC is a phenomenal technique that can help improve every joint in the human body. The principle behind it can be likened to a daily self-care routine which should be regarded as a long term process to achieve pain free movement - rather than relying on short term fixes such as foam rolling or passive stretching which alleviate short term neurological changes but have no long lasting results. So if you struggling with mobility or flexibility, or you have been told for example you have tight hips or shoulders, FRC is a practise you should strongly consider.

Use it or lose it

If you want to maintain range of motion, motor control, strength and flexibility,  then you have to use it. Your body is not going to waste its energy and resources maintaining stuff you do not use, and so you become ‘stiff’ and atrophy over time.

Most of us spend our days in only certain positions, mostly sitting, or just standing up to walk somewhere else to sit down again, then laying down in bed all night. To get your body to repair itself and keep your joints and connective tissues healthy, you need to put the right stimulus and stress into it.

Daily Routine

Even a simple daily CARs routine of 10 mins, at a low intensity, will do more to keep your joints healthy and feeling good than sporadic stretching or dropping into a yoga class once a week. With regular CARs, you are teaching your body to use all your joints throughout all their ranges and to keep them functioning properly long into life.