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Online Fitness and Pilates sessions

Since the lock-down announced on 23 March a few of our clients have continued to train with online sessions with White Room. We are more than ready to admit it is only a small number of you and that the experience is a different one to an on-site experience at our gym, even during its latter stages when social distancing and hygiene considerations were paramount.

However three weeks on, perhaps some of you would like to sample either a Pilates or Fitness session. It is good to try and maintain some levels of fitness, and for those a bit older (like myself!) one needs to keep all those cranky muscles and sinews moving a bit.

We have now established pretty good methods of giving one-to-one Pilates or Fitness sessions on-line via Skype or Zoom, and some of you already have programmed regular schedules. It may be stating the obvious, but you do not need to be in London or even in the UK; you can take advantage of this wherever you are in the World. A special pricing policy is now in place.

If you want to consider this, let us give you a trial session with no commitment. You may find it a useful tonic. We have just written an interesting article about the emotional importance of fitness & exercise, and during this stressful period it can certainly help.

Everyone will have found different ways of dealing with the current difficult circumstances. If you feel a virtual session may work for you, please let me know and I will set up a trial one for you. I cannot promise that it works for everyone, but if you want to give it a go just email or text me: